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Official Electronic Navigational Charts – ENCs – are vector-based electronic charts, designed to meet the relevant chart-carriage requirements of the IMO Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS) convention. ARCS conform to the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) Product Specification S-61, providing a consistent look and feel across the worldwide coverage they offer. With over 3000 official charts available, ARCS can be used to assist planning, for office operations and as an alternative for navigation, under certain conditions, where ENCs do not exist yet.


Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS)

The ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) is the world’s leading digital maritime chart service, with over 15,750 official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) to help bridge crews navigate safely and efficiently whilst meeting Flag and Port State requirements.

Key features of AVCS include:

  • 100% official global maritime ENC coverage with more routes and ports than any other competing service.
  • Unique ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO) for additional passage planning information.
  • Weekly updates available via email, online or on CD and DVD to ensure ongoing safety and compliance.
  • Delivered in industry standard S-63 / S-57 formats, guaranteeing compatibility with all ECDIS sold today even in a mixed fleet.


Admiralty Raster Chart Service is the UKHO’s paper chart portfolio presented in a digital format. Over 3000 charts provide extensive, official coverage of international commercial shipping routes, main ports and harbours at a comprehensive range of scales. ARCS charts are licensed on a chart by chart basis to give you maximum flexibility – you only have to pay for the charts you need.

Key features of ARCS include:

  • All ARCS charts have the same familiar image and use the same internationally recognised symbology as Admiralty paper charts - making them the easy first step from chart table to electronic navigation.

  • ARCS is fully compatible with a wide range of electronic chart systems (ECS) and with Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems (ECDIS), so you can choose the system that meets your requirements and budget.

Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) are official vector-based electronic charts, designed to meet the revelant chart carriage requirements of the Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS) convention.