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Charts/Publications Inventory Management

The service provided by Motion Smith ensures that vessels are supplied with the latest updated charts and publications onboard vessel in order to satisfy SOLAS requirements. Some of the elements that make up the service include:

  • Automatic supply of new editions of charts and publications relevant to vessels' trading areas.
  • Automatic supply of weekly BA charts correction tracings and NMs.
  • Maintenance of vessels' charts / publications inventory databases on our system.
  • Provision of relevant lists, reports and certificates to vessels / office.
  • Audit of charts and publications onboard vessel.

Please click the link below to access our service (For subscribed customers only).

Chart Correction Services
Our team of chart correctors undertakes checking and updating of landed ships' chart folios.


Worldwide Delivery Services
Motion Smith provides efficient delivery service to all parts of the world to meet ships' sailing schedules.


Novaco Courier (Navigational updates by satellite)
Digital Notices to Mariners (NMs) and Chart Correction Tracings for the British Admiralty, US NIMA, Japanese and Australian Hydrographic Offices. It is completely independent of other communication systems on board such as Inmarsat, VSAT etc.


Novaco Bridge (Navigational updates by email)
Novaco Bridge is a chartroom management tool. It helps officers organise their inventory of charts and publications, monitor the currency of their editions and automatically identify update information, relevant to their inventory, from each Weekly edition of Notices to Mariners through email at compresser data size.


Fleetview Online (Transas Telematics)
This is a web based tracking system that will show you where your vessels are anywhere in the world, using Inmarsat C, new Inmarsat Fleet 77 or Inmarsat D+. Displays weather data over the chart area so you can see the weather conditions where your ships are located. Security protected, access can be made only with the use passwords issued to authorised users.


Ship Guard (Transas Telematics)
Ship Guard is a SOLAS compliant security and alert system which once installed onboard, is capable of data position report transmission for day-to-day tracking purposes that can be monitored on Transas web tracking site. It will respond instantly to the activation of any one of the Panic Alert call points located within the vessel. When initiated, security alerts will cause an automatic email alert message to be forwarded by the Transas server to an email address as directed by the Flag State of the vessel. Additionally, the alert message will also be identified on the tracking display.


Other Services