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NovacoBridge is a state-of-the-art Chartroom Management solution. Beyond electronic delivery of Notices to Mariners, NovacoBridge gives officers access to everything a chart agent should know about charts and publications. Officers can then make independent decisions or validate the information they receive on new editions, corrections and much more for their charts and publications.

NovacoBridge offers an intuitive user interface, comprehensive reporting and full automation of all routine processes. It reduces the amount of time required for corrections but more importantly it simplifies the process itself.

NovacoBridge supports a number of paper and digital charts and publications from different nations.

Notices to Mariners

NovacoBridge delivers Notices to Mariners electronically. Notices to Mariners are published weekly by Hydrographic Offices and contain corrections applicable to their national charts and publications. Solas V require that all ships have all the charts and publications they use fully up to date. This is an essential requirement for compliance and supports safe navigation.

Notices to Mariners form the heart of any correction process and the British Admiralty Notices to Mariners are the most widely used.

Paper Charts & Publications

NovacoBridge provides comprehensive support for paper charts and publications. NovacoBridge draws from the relevant Notices to Mariners to provide custom correction lists, corrections text, tracings and blocks for permanent as well as temporary and preliminary corrections.

NovacoBridge simplifies the correction process for NP publications down to a single button click. No cut & paste and no page replacement required. Novaco's innovative approach simplifies the correction process but more importantly it removes the risk of operator error.

Digital Charts & Publications

NovacoBridge provides comprehensive support for ENC updates and provides updates that can be used on any ECDIS system. With NovacoBridge you no longer need to have base and update CDs. The service lets you receive weekly updates and new editions for ENCs you already use or full editions for ENCs you have purchased for the first time.

NovacoBridge distributes updates for applicable Admiralty Digital Publications. Updates are distributed by email or satellite broadcast and require no direct internet access.

NavArea Warnings

NovacoBridge delivers updates to Navigational Warnings for all 21 areas. Information collated and distributed by Novaco is sourced from the World Wide Navigational Warnings Service Sub Committee (WWNWS) members and it is intended to help users to maintain and verify warnings received over the Inmarsat SafetyNET or international NAVTEX services which are the accepted official data streams of Maritime Safety Information.


Software Applications

TotalTide is the world's most comprehensive Tidal Prediction Program, providing fast, accurate tidal height and tidal stream predictions for the world's commercial shipping routes.

Digital List of Lights Admiralty
Digital List of Lights is a digital version of the popular paper publication, and has been specifically designed to reduce the time and effort spent on manual corrections of the publication.

Sight Master
AstroNavigation and Ocean and general Navigation.

Stability, Draft and Trim
Stability, Draught and Trim calculation.

Voyage Master
Voyage Management, Tidal Prediction and Navigation。

Chief Mate Assistant
Full range of applications and reference for the Chief Mate. Tanker port information, cargo estimation software, petroleum measurement tables, hazardous chemical database, stability formulae, the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals, and a petroleum cargo reference.

Navigator Assistant
Applications for Passage Planning, Astronomical Navigation, World Wide Tides, and Onscreen Distance Tables.

Chief Engineer Assistant
Assists Senior Engineering Officers, includes, bunkering calculations. engine running hours and performance, ISM code forms and weekly safety checks.

Surveyors Guidance
This surveyor‘s guidance CD Rom contains 1,500 pages of electronic documentation, which is essential reference material for surveyors, ship superintendents and ship staff.

Hazardous Chemical Database
The Hazardous Chemical Database is an essential reference tool for professionals within the chemical industry.

Seamanship Training
Seamanship Training is a unique, assessment driven training program, which can be used to validate your company's compliance with the ISM Code. The Code requires that training is provided in support of the Safety Management System and recorded in crew members' files.

Ship to Ship Transfer
A program to assist the Master/Chief Officer of a storage or lightening vessel, which is discharging to different vessels. Covers all the ships papers: Statement of Facts, Bill of Lading, Cargo Manifest, Certificates of Quality/Quantity/Origin and Receipt of Documents.

Seamanship Library
Seamanship Library is a single CD ROM that contains over 50,000 pages of International Regulations and need-to-know information.
Titles include: SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW '95, IGC Code, US CFR's, Merchant Shipping Notices, ISGOTT, Liquefied Gas Handling Principles and many more.


Training Software

MacNeil's Seamanship Examiner
Maritime Training Software for UKMCA, USCG license examinations and STCW 95 for Master Mariner Class 1, Chief Mate Class 2 and OOW Class 4.

Ships Stability (OOW)
Ships Stability Software for Class 4/OOW SQA examinations. All aspects of Ship Stability are covered, from basic principles to practical onboard calculations.

Signals Tutor
Test users knowledge of International Code Flags, Beginners Morse and Advanced Morse. Includes extremely realistic classroom mock exam.

Engineering Knowledge
This comprehensive electronic engineering encyclopaedia contains 800 pages of marine engineering reference.

Engineering Examiner Class 2
The class 2 Engineering Examiner is designed as a study aid for officers taking their class 2 STCW 95 motor certificate of competency.

Engineering Examiner (OOW)
Marine Engineering Software for STCW 95. Preparations for Class 4 Engineering Orals; Electricians with STCW 95 who want a watch keeping certificate and Motormen progressing to 4th watch keeping engineer.